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Branch Officers


President – Rev. Rodney Williams

1st Vice-President – Steven E. Ricard

2nd Vice-President – Anita L. Russell

3rd Vice-President – Patricia Jones Macklin

Secretary – Sharon L. Sanders

Treasurer – Sandra E. Jiles

Assistant Treasurer – Frances H. Cofield

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The Kansas City, Missouri Branch of the NAACP

By Dr. Jeremiah Cameron

Although Kansas City, Missouri has been the larger of the twin cities and has historically had a larger black population than Kansas city, Kansas, the Kansas City, Missouri branch of the NAACP developed out of the Kansas City, Kansas branch which was organized in 1913 with Woody E. Jacobs as president and H.O. Cook as vice president. By 1916, the Kansas City, Missouri branch had member was headed by Dr. Howard V. Smith with H.O. Cook as secretary. The branches of the twin cities have literally grown up this organization of the famous initials-NAACP.

Let it be remembered that the first housing case of the legal committee, that the National Office immediately established, had to do with racial discrimination in Kansas City, stemming from a complaint filed by the Kansas City, Kansas Branch about the efforts of a racist attempt at intimidation to force a number of blacks to move from the district which lay near a region occupied by white people in the infamous Linwood Association.

Throughout its history, both the Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas Branches of the NAACP have been rightly strongly activist, their histories being efforts over the years “to promote equality of right and eradicate caste or race prejudice among citizens of the United States, ” as officially recorded in incorporated papers of the NAACP in New York in 1910. Let us briefly, but not definitely, cite some of the struggle and achievements. 

Presidents During the Single Branch Era

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John L. Lowe

Elmore Williams

L.A. Knox

Prentiss J. Hoffman

Attorney Charles H. Calloway

Attorney Carl R. Johnson (20years)

Attorney Lee Vertis Swinton

Dr. Vernon Rice

Dr. Julia H. Hill

Rev. Ommie Nelms

Dr. Zelema Harris

Marcus Jackson

Attorney Ronald E. Finely

Herman A. Johnson

Charles E. Smith

Anita L. Russell

Rev. Rodney Williams

Leadership During the Multiple Branch Era

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An innovation of the 1965 National convention for cities with population in excess of 250,000:

Rev. W.H. White (Area 1)

Attorney Harold L. Holliday, Sr. (Area 3)

Mr. Noel Wilson (Area President)

Attorney Lee Vertis Swinton (Area 2)

Dr. Starks J. Williams (Area 4)

Mr. John Bridges (Area President)

An NAACP Metropolitan Council was formed consisting of four members from each of the four

branches and with a rotating president. Herman A. Johnson was chosen as the first president.